Topic 4: The digital divide

Hi fellow students and tutor,

In the course of constructing the infographic, I read statistics from across the world. I wanted to know what the chasm of the digital divide looked like.   My  infographic and wordle  visually represented my findings.  

The literacy rate was higher than I thought, with 83% of the world having literacy, however this did not equate to receiving a full education. Only 60 % of children go on to secondary education. (IUS., 2011)

I posed the solution of computers and the internet forming a remote classroom at one end and an ‘elearning’ teacher at the other to cross the digital divide and provide a secondary education.

I had stumbled onto the same track as Nicholas Negroponte, in his lecture “One Laptop per Child, two years on.“(Negroponte, 2007), and decided to ensure that not only my own classroom was correctly equipped with laptops, but to raise awareness in my classroom of world illiteracy, the solutions and how we can personally assist by contributing to Negoponte’s ongoing program.

The peer feedback for my infographic was encouraging and picked up on the key point of children being our future “I particularly liked your concept and agree with you that children are our future……..” and , “Without education and knowledge our children do not have future. Great job!”

I consider I had successful learning this week.

Adrian Verrier.                    I found this youtube video to be the most concise explanation of the digital divide.

Negroponte, N. (2007) Ted Talk: One Laptop per Child, two years on[ilecture]. Retrieved from

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, UNESCO Institute for Statistics (IUS). (2011). Global Education Digest: Comparing education statistics across the world. Montreal, Canada: UIS.


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