Topic 5: Digital Information


How do I teach students to be critical users when I have difficulty myself?

 How to correct the mistakes that I make would be a good starting point, and teach from experience.

I didn’t transfer my browser bookmarks to my new laptop – all 94 of them labelled with passwords. When I needed my online textbook, I was lost in trying to find it.

Time audit :

1 hour – find name of website for my online text book, 30 minutes – download the software, 10 mins – remember the user name and password,  20 mins – distractions of web surfing, 20 mins – to work out that I was trying to log on to the site, when I should be trying to log on to the application,  5 mins – to find the link to the app.

Teaching students to keep track of their pages is important, as well as how to evaluate website information and how to search.   I found this article appropriate and helpful as a guide on how to evaluate.

Teaching Students to Evaluate Internet Information Critically

4 main points that I have come to learn recently as a digital user that can be taught in a digital classroom.

1. Practice activities that will develop memory. Fact: You could possibly have dozens of usernames and passwords to remember.

2. That senior to usage is purpose. Ask yourself: “Does this contribute to my forward motion and goals?

3. Write down everything you have stored digitally or mentally as a hard copy – such as web addresses and user names.

4. Choose user friendly programs.

Adrian Verrier

This week I learned how to use PINTEREST, here is my page.


Teaching students to evaluate internet information critically. (2001) International Reading Association, Inc.          ISSN  1096-1232. Retrieved from:  HREF=/editorial/december2001/index.html

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