Topic 6: Digital Fluency


I enjoyed making the ‘scratch’ this week. I was nervous, “Oh no, not another digital thing to learn”, however it became fun and fairly easy to use.      Click here for my cartoon.   I had ideas about making personalised cartoons for the classroom, specifically maths equations that we are learning, as well as having group activities in cartoon making.

I discovered that my level of digital fluency is identical to the list of software applications appropriate to be taught in the latter primary school years, as described in the book Teaching with ICT. (Howell, 2012 pps. 145 – 167) I resolved I needed to become proficient in these application in order to teach with these tools.

I have come to understand that visual media assists retention, and at the primary school level this is a good entrance point on the path to digital fluency.

In the book Language and Learning in the digital age the authors state “An image gains meaning,” (Gee & Hayes, 2011. p 112). The use of images in digital multimodality (combining words, images and sounds) is far more pervasive today and is used alongside the written word to convey understanding. I believe the use of images in teaching be a successful way to assist learning, as shown in the attached graphic.

dale edgar

(graphic: developed and revised by Bruce Hyland from material by Edgar Dale, 2008)

Thanks,  Adrian Verrier


Multimodal learning through media: What the research says. (2008)  Retrieved from:

Dale, E. (1954). Audio-visual methods in teaching. New York, New York: Dryden.

Gee, J.P. & Hayes, E.R. (2011). Language and Learning in the Digital Age. Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge.

Howell, J. (2012). Teaching with ICT. Sth Melb, Vic: Oxford University Press. 

Grateful acknowledgement is made to ‘’ for providing cartoon making software.



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