Topic 7: Digital Blurring




I played some educational games to see what was available, and was very surprised. Dog breeding, so children get a grounding in genetics, and even a game in carpentry. There are abundant games in geography, maths and english.

Well now I know the obscure names of some capitals in Oceania, and I can breed a dog that is black, has long hair, and medium sized ears.

Here is my game. I am addicted already, and managed to win 4 times out of 30.

I loved the TED talk, Gaming can make a better world (McGonigal, 2010). The speaker has solved a basic mystery for me. Why so many hours are spent gaming.  ‘Try again.’, ‘You are a hero!’, ‘You are a winner!’ I get it. I would want hours of positive reinforcement too.

I will look at gamers in a more positive light.

I learn by repetition, therefore going through an educational game, failing, resetting, and covering the same ground is absolute heaven for my retention. This was a ‘bring it on’ moment, teach me by games! I coined a new term – Edugaming. Alas, I googled, and found it exists as a company name, but the common usage verb will be mine. This is digital blurring at its finest and I will ‘edugame’ my students to EPIC WINS !


Adrian Verrier


McGonigal, J. (2010). Gaming can make a better world, TED Talk [Video file]. Retrieved from

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