My response to peer feedback

I agreed with the feedback; I feel my grammar is passable and my spelling is
acceptable. I would have liked to be corrected on my writing style, as I do
have concerns that I dont communicate well academically, however both
evaluators were complimentary and stated it was well written, which I

The common observation from both evaluators was the lack of visual interest
on the blog. I originally had a theme picture, and the rest of the blog was
composed of links and text, apart from a graphic for Topic 5.

I enjoyed correcting the blandness and going through and finding appropriate
pictures to illustrate and complement the topics.

My references included some book titles in ‘italics’ and some without, so I
corrected this. I tried very hard to indent the second line of each
reference, so the author’s name stood out, however I couldnt get the
software to comply.

Previously I had various titles reflecting what the post was about, however
it was pointed out that it could be confusing, and it would be best to number
the posts so they are easy to follow. I did this and made my previous titles
descriptive headers instead.
Overall I am very pleased with what my evaluators pointed out and less
nervous about my submission.

Thankyou, Adrian Verrier

Blog_Rubric_Adrian Verrier_Tegan McClelland

Blog_Rubric_Adrian_Verrier_Siarah Ul-Haq





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